The Genius and the Muse is now available!

I’m very excited to announce the release of my fourth book, The Genius and the Muse, today!

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Barnes & Noble

“The Genius and The Muse is such a lovely story. It’s the type of book where you want to re-read it, because you may find more little delights you missed the first time.”—The Autumn Review

It’s a contemporary romance, which is a new genre for me. It’s set in the art world, which I love (I studied ceramics and metal-smithing in a past life). Most importantly, it has Kate and Javi.

Oh, Kate and Javi! How I do love my odd couples. And these two might just be my favorite. Here’s a short excerpt from Chapter Thirteen:

Javi stared back for a moment before he turned to keep walking down Thomas Street. She joined him, silently taking in the chaotic atmosphere of the Art Walk. The sounds of music met them at the corner, but they kept walking past the group that had gathered around the three street performers.

“Why do I live here?” he finally said. “I guess because… there’s still more mechanics than hipsters.”

“What?” she asked with a laugh.

“You heard me. There’s the Arts Colony, yeah. And don’t get me wrong, I like being around artists as much as I like being around anyone―”

“Which is not all that much, I’m guessing.”

He shrugged. “Most people are annoying.”

“Am I supposed to be flattered?”

He looked at her out of the corner of his eye. “Why would you be flattered? I never said I liked you.”

She snorted. “Cranky old man.”

“Annoying little girl.”


Just then, her phone rang. She dug it out of her pocket to see the word “Douchebag” flash across the screen in capital letters, along with Cody’s number. She quickly hit the ignore button, but Javi had already seen it, and he roared with laughter.

She gave him a dirty look, but couldn’t help the small smile that crept across her own face as she watched him.

“Okay,” he finally said when he calmed down. “I’ll admit it. I like you a little bit.”

“Oh, be still, my beating heart.”

The book has been getting some great advance reviews over at TwiMom101 Book Blog, The Autumn ReviewStories of my Life, The Nerd in Heels, and a new review just published today over at Bending the Spine! If you’re interested in the book, I hope you’ll check out the reviews and leave a comment for the bloggers.

“Truly amazing, crazy believable… the story kept my interest the entire time. Remarkable read. Absolutely remarkable.”—Mandy Anderson, Twimom101 Book Blog

In honor of the release of The Genius and the Muse, I’ll be doing a giveaway over on GoodReads for a signed paperback. I have to confess, I took a lot of time formatting the paperback for this story. I’m very proud of the work I did, and for the first time, I’ve decided to enable expanded distribution on a book, so you should be able to order it at your local bookstore if you don’t want to order from Amazon. (It might not be right away, though. I think it takes a few weeks to get into the wider system. Paperbacks are available through Amazon right now.)

In short, I really hope you enjoy The Genius and the Muse. And after you’ve read, I’d truly appreciate an honest review wherever you may have bought it.

Thanks for reading,


Author: elizabethhunter

Contemporary fantasy and romance writer.

10 thoughts on “The Genius and the Muse is now available!”

  1. I just ordered it, E. I finished Deadlocked last night and was looking for something new to read. Thanks so much for being the talented author that you are. Take care.

  2. Just ordered it. I can’t wait to go home and read it tonight. I have loved all of your stories. I am waiting on my copy of Deadlocked. I guess that will be this weekends read.

  3. I just finished reading this for the third time and I think Javi might be my favorite romantic lead of all time, and I am well read! I love the extraordinary person you created. Can’t wait to read it again!

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